The World

The world


Enhance any decor with this colorful political map of our World!


  • Political World Map.
  • Boundaries between countries, major states and provinces.
  • Capital cities and major towns
  • Names of main islands, capes and waterways
  • Trenches, summits and water depths
  • Larger deserts, mountain ranges and volcanoes.


The explanation of these codes is available in the lamination section.

Pricing for maps (Taxes & shipping extra)


Dimensions L2G LP LPV LPC Dimensions
CGM-315 32x48" 39$  79$ 94$ 119$ 90x120cm
CGM-336 40x60" 69$ 129$ 149$ 169$ 100x150cm
CGM-302 48x72" 109$ 169$ 194$ 229$ 120x180cm